Commissioning Driftwood Sculptures

Introduction to Driftwood Sculptures 

Richard’s diverse combination of experiences and training have developed into a beautiful variety in abilities and interests as an artist. He enjoys drawing, painting, teaching, medical and anatomical art, sculpting animal and human anatomy figures and using various mediums from wax to wood. 

Driftwood Sculptures 

Richard’s most recent commissions have consisted of sculptures made of driftwood. Due to popular demand, Richard has been creating driftwood sculptures of horses, boats and people or bespoke designs for special requests and they have been selling out at local art galleries and through the website.

When Richard creates one of his driftwood sculptures he first draws and maps out his design in pencil and true to his technique these are always anatomically accurate. Richard will then build his horse, old man figures, boats using just driftwood and carving and fitting together with glue.

Working with driftwood and making sure that each piece matches the overall sculpture, however, is no easy task. As a nature and animal lover Richard sets about recreating his sculptures with accuracy but also somehow, he still incorporates a natural look and feel.

With a passion also for boats, Richard will also carefully construct the mast and sails out of items such as sack cloth working for many hours perfecting his craft. The work is a passion for Richard and is one of the reasons why his work is so popular.

Organic Materials 

The sculptures and figures are so organic they are made entirely of driftwood which is collected by hand by Richard and his wife Avril, from their local beaches in Rye, East Sussex. 


When collecting driftwood Richard says, 

These rugged beaches such as Camber Sands, are natural, picturesque beaches and as wild as the weather can be, so they are perfect for finding ancient driftwood pieces washed to shore”.

Richard also visits Hastings Beach as it has large expanses of sand, especially at low tide, with areas also made up of sea-smoothed pebble which sometimes makes it a bit easier finding wood as its washed up on the shore.

What makes Richard’s driftwood sculptures even more alluring is the fact that driftwood is an entirely natural product that contributes to the food web by connecting the forests and the sea. Travelling from temperate rainforest areas, the dead trees travel by streams and rivers to the sea and become a vital source of food and habitat for inhabitants and sea life. 

They may drift for many years where finally they break down into smaller pieces and eventually wash up on the shore thousands of miles from their original source.  These natural and wonderful pieces of wood picked directly from the sea shore, are one of the many reasons why Richards sculptures are so popular. The resulting sculptures look and feel exactly like they should do, like nature but sympathetically re-sculpted into an enchanting new form.

Purchasing drift wood sculptures can be done directly through this website; however, these sell very well so one option is to contact Richard directly and arrange a commission. Customers love to commission their own sculptures because although they all are built from scratch with driftwood, its rather nice to commission your own one knowing it will be totally unique.

Examples of Driftwood Sculptures

Richard Neave - wooden walking man
Driftwood "The Prophet" £150.00
Driftwood “Horse" 2018 £120.00