Commissioning Anatomical Sculpture

Introduction to Anatomical Sculpture

Welcome to anatomical sculptures by Richard Neave who deftly extracts the most delicate anatomical forms of humans by modelling and carving them using wax and then casting in bronze.

With a keen understanding of anatomical structures and natural forms, Richard creates his anatomical sculptures from his workshop in Rye. Richard’s anatomical sculptures are created from small to life size and his goal as a draftsmen, artist and sculptor is to study anatomy to re-create the shape and structure of the human form as it exists in life.

Sculpture of Human Anatomy

Over the course of Richard’s career, he has become well known for his sculptures of anatomical figures. The figures are beautiful yet they are anatomically precise giving us the gift of being able to view the human form as it is, beneath the skin.

Richard first trained as a medical artist attending surgery procedures as it was his job to illustrate anatomy and surgery. These medical illustrations were used as patient education materials, or where Richard would illustrate pathology to record disease for health education. It was here he learnt his craft and his depth of knowledge of human anatomy. Working as a medical artist, Richard gained a huge insight into what bodily structures looked like, to see first-hand such things as the vibrant colours of soft tissue such as subcutaneous fat, muscle and fascia.

This knowledge of anatomy would have been vital for Richard to succeed in his job. It also sealed his love of anatomy and this theme has continued right through his career. Richards anatomical sculptures, therefore, are very special. They are precise miniature of a real person and a piece of art, all in one sculpture.

Commissioning Anatomical Sculptures 

It is possible to commission anatomical sculptures and please contact Richard for discussion as each project is unique. Contact Richard with your requirements or alternatively view sculptures already cast in bronze available to purchase.

Male Bronze Ecorche (Anatomical Figure)
Anatomical figures

Sculptures are first modelled in clay