Commissioning or Buying a Sculpture from Richard Neave

Welcome to the sculptures created by artist, anatomist, sculptor, and tutor Richard Neave.  An artist who models and carves in wax and clay and casts in a wide variety of materials. Throughout his career as a fine artist as well as realism artist, Richard’s influences have been anatomy and the study of the human form depicting a beautiful and engaging accuracy in his work.

You can commission your own bespoke art including sculptures such as Portrait Busts, Driftwood Sculptures and Anatomical Sculptures

Commissioning Sculptures

 If you are considering commissioning a piece for the first time, it may seem to be intimidating but it can also be a fun and collaborative experience.

It may be either for a family member, a sculpture for your home, a commission for a corporate event, or the centrepiece for your office, what ever the purpose commissioning the artwork allows you to be involved in the subject matter, medium, style and dimensions of a piece. 

Commissioning art is a highly personal process and Richard will help to guide you along. Commissioning art is a unique and fun way of purchasing and personalising art. The process allows you to become fully engaged with the design and development of a bespoke piece of artwork. It is possible  to commission Richard to create you something specifically to fit your criteria and budget.

The process of commissioning is once Richard has your details for the commission, he politely requests a 50% minimum deposit to confirm the commission, with balance payment due on completion. This secures the booking and the work can then be booked into the work schedule. 

The time frame to receive a completed commission varies from client to client and this is discussed and agreed with each booking.  

Purchasing Existing Sculptures

Richard has a collection of work that is readily available to view and purchase from a local art gallery in Rye called EthellovesMe.

You can visit this gallery to view the sculptures or to enquire about any of the work you see on this website please contact Richard using the Contact Form.