Richard Neave is a highly regarded British artist and sculptor creating Busts, Anatomical Figures and more recently Driftwood Sculptures using wood collected from beaches near his home in Rye. Richard works selling both his existing sculptures or he is available for private commissions. 

Richard’s sculpturing career plus a background as a medical artist and as Director at the Unit of Art in Medicine at the University of Manchester, has led him to be widely regarded today as the expert in anatomical art and anatomical sculpture. Richard combines his love of anatomy with a skill as a fine artist creating beautiful lifelike sculptures of people, animals, anatomical figures and portrait busts.  

richard neave anatomical sculpture in bronze

Anatomical sculptures by Richard Neave. Anatomically precise figures available for commission or purchase. Anatomical sculpture is the creation of the human figure where the skin is removed to reveal the musculature underneath.  


Portrait Busts are available for commission and they can be cast in a variety of materials depending on the request.  These are realism sculptures and are often commissioned of family members or for corporate events.  

Organic Driftwood Sculptures of human figures, boats, birds or animals and horses, which are available for private commissioning or when available the purchase of existing pieces. Made entirely of driftwood collected by hand from Richards home and local beaches in Rye.

If you are looking to commission a sculpture or buy an existing sculpture from Richard, please feel free and get in touch to start the conversation. Please use the Contact Form.